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Embedded 5G Antennas

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Embedded 5G Antennas

Welcome to our world of cutting-edge 5G antennas, where performance meets innovation. Maxtena 5G antennas provide coverage for all lower and mid 5G bands along with custom solutions for mm wave frequencies with tailored solutions. By offering the most comprehensive portfolio of external antennas from 5G antennas for your next-generation IoT solutions to 5G radio for 600- 6000 MHz frequency ranges with different mounting options, omnidirectional radiation patterns for easy integration in wireless communication devices.

At Maxtena, we redefine versatility in antenna solutions, catering to the diverse demands of modern devices. With an extensive range of form factors, we seamlessly adapt to the distinctive requirements of every device. Whether you seek multi-band antennas for dynamic connectivity, high-gain directional antennas for outdoor ruggedness, or compact antennas tailored for small devices, our lineup is designed to exceed your expectations.

At Maxtena, we offer three types of 5G antennas:

  • Active 5G antenna: 5G active antennas, also known as active phased array antennas, represent an advanced and integral component of 5G network industry. 5G active antennas incorporate active components such as amplifiers directly into the antenna array.
  • Passive 5G antenna: 5G passive antennas are engineered to be compact, lightweight, and energy-efficiency make them suitable in various challenging environment.
  • External antennas combination: selecting combination external antennas based on applications to optimize coverage, strong signal, and overall performance in wireless communication in the most challenging environment.