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IoT solutions

Our Approach

We provide support services to meet the varying demands of our customers. We specialize in the development of unique antennas for various devices and applications. With more than 30 years of combined experience, we are able to provide expert assistance in any complex antenna integration. We use powerful computers and sophisticated EM simulators to predict the antenna performance under the most demanding configurations. Our powerful EM simulators allow us to cut the design life cycle to a minimum which allows for fast antenna integration and quick product introduction.

Our services encompass four steps: feasibility, integration, measurement and manufacturing. In each step we strive to deliver exceptional value and we work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations. The design of new products relies on the extensive use of accurate computer simulation models. Our technical staff has a unique knowledge in electromagnetic simulation and numerical modeling gained through years of experience working on embedded antenna designs and general RF problems in both industry and academia.

Every aspect of the electrical design is considered by our proprietary simulation models – from the geometry and material characteristics of the antenna enclosures to the effects of parasitic reactance on printed circuit board traces. We also consider the statistical variation of component tolerances in actual production.

Benefits to Our Approach

Our advanced measurement capabilities ensure that product development cycle progresses without setbacks. Additional value to our measurement approach include:

Quick troubleshooting

Customized radiation pattern data post processing

Radiated performance tracking throughout product development cycle

Product development cycle without setbacks

What Our Customers Can Expect

  • TRP measurements
  • TIS measurements
  • Multiple antenna correlation and efficiency
  • 3-D complex antenna pattern
3-D pattern
Correlation & efficiency