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1616 -1626 MHz (Iridium)
Autonomous Applications

Iridium Developer Kits

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9602N Modem Developers Kit

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Iridium Core 9523 Transceiver- Kit

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9603N Modem Developers Kit

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Iridium Developer Kits

Maxtena revolutionized connectivity across diverse sectors, from maritime and military to mining, UAVs, and IoT, through the Iridium technology. Our solutions empower OEMs, customers, and end-users, enabling efficient fleet management, heightened safety protocols, and seamless remote communication and control-no matter the location.

With a range of Iridium antennas and modems available in various sizes, we tailor solutions to meet precise customer needs. Whether for embedded designs or plug-and-play setups with cloud-connected services, our offerings ensure effortless integration and operation.

Besides, delivering comprehensive Iridium IoT solutions including trackers and value-added products. Real-time access to high-value data empowers proactive decision-making, preventing potential failures and mitigating costly consequences.

At Maxtena, we do beyond connecting devices, we shape industries, pushing for a smarter activities and safer environments through the unparalleled capabilities of Iridium technology.

Why choose Maxtena Iridium antennas?

  • Maxtena’s patented technology: Featuring our latest DAT technology, Maxtena provides advanced software with artificial intelligence is used to track multiple LEO satellites without GPS assistance. Our solutions provide pole to pole coverage over Iridium network.
  • Iridium certified & official Iridium VAR: Maxtena is the complete provider of Iridium antennas, transceivers and data services. Our line of Iridium antennas is fully Iridium network certified and designed for land, air, and sea M2M/IoT applications.
  • World class products/ Custom solutions: Maxtena antennas are available on a single or a multi-panel configuration based on customer request. Our offering includes several options depending on the mounting options, cable length, and connectors. We also offer both external antennas that come in a range of rugged housings, as week as embedded solutions.
  • Global coverage, reliability, and secure communication: Iridium's satellite network provides truly global coverage, designed for high reliability and redundancy particularly valuable in critical applications such as maritime, aviation, and emergency response. Also, Iridium's network features robust encryption and security protocols to ensure the secure communications transmitted over the network.
Experience the unmatched reliability and global connectivity of iridium antennas.

Connect with our Iridium expert today to discover how Iridium technology can elevate your wireless communication.