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Triple bands GNSS Antennas

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Active Multi-Frequency patch Antenna – External|L1: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU L2: GPS L2C, GALILEO E5B, GLONASS L30C, L2 OF| L5: GPS L5, GALILEO E5A

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Active Multi-Frequency patch Antenna – Embedded|L1: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU L2: GPS L2C, GALILEO E5B, GLONASS L30C, L2 OFL5: GPS L5, GALILEO E5A

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GNSS/L1L2 Screw Mount

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GNSS/L1/L2 Magnet Mount

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Triple bands GNSS Antennas

Step into a world where precision meets innovation with Conformal Wave Technology, the ultimate solution for Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP) applications. Seamlessly integrating into your devices, Conformal Wave Technology harnesses the power of the highest efficiency across all GNSS frequencies, spanning from 1164MHz to 1300MHz and 1540MHz to 1610MHz.Conformal Wave technology will improve the battery life of your device as well as accuracy. This technology can also be used for indoor or outdoor directional Wi-Fi applications where multipath rejection is required.

Maxtena is utilizing new advanced materials and a unique dual feed configuration to gain significant advantages over dual feed or single feed approach using ceramic materials. Our advanced material boasts optimal dielectric properties to achieve unparalleled bandwidth and efficiency while maintaining optimal size. Unlike ceramics, this new material behaves like plastic in processing, eliminating, the limitations and variability associated with ceramics. This breakthrough offers a significant edge in designing antennas for the most challenging embedded applications and achieving full GNSS coverage.

Ensuring optimal GNSS (global navigation satellite systems) signal quality is paramount for achieving peak performance and accuracy in GNSS applications. At Maxtena, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet this critical need. Our high-performance rugged antennas are specifically engineered for GNSS satellite applications, guaranteeing exceptional reliability and precision.

With our advanced GNSS technology, we offer decimeter-level precision, setting the standard for accuracy in navigation and positioning systems. Utilizing proprietary and patented technologies, we leverage innovative design principles to provide unmatched solutions tailored to the demands of modern GNSS applications. Our antennas consistently deliver unrivaled performance, ensuring seamless communication in the most challenging environments.

Features of conformal wave technology:

  • Best axial ratio for full upper hemisphere coverage across all GNSS frequencies
  • Stable Phase Centre Variations across all frequencies
  • Highest efficiency across all GNSS frequencies
  • Unique dual feed conformal wave technology design
  • True azimuth coverage over the entire desired antenna bandwidth
  • Superior rejection of cross polarized signals and multi-path components at low elevation angles
  • CWT provides widest band coverage of the upper and lower GNSS band
  • Excellent low elevation pattern stability for exceptional tracking of low elevation GNSS and L-Band signals